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Are you using google pay? want to know some offers and unique features? you are right place. here we will cover some amazing coupon offers and many more things about google pay. many people don’t know about this. they just using google pay simply. we surely say you will be shocked that google provides these features in their google pay app. if you want to know about Google Pay Offers, stay with us!!

Are you in a hurry? you can read the table of content which is given below the image. you can find there whatever you want. let’s discuss some important points you should know before moving on to Offers and coupons.

What is google pay?

Google pay is an application provided by google for UPI payments, meaning finance, etc. banking works. this is a handy and easy-to-use application. as it’s google’s application, there is no doubt about Safety and security. it is totally trustable. The world is moving towards technology, in this era, you will rarely see giving actual money in the form of notes and coins. nowadays everyone uses UPI apps. Google pay is considered India’s one of the most emerging applications. but many people don’t know its extra features and secret that rare people know. some people literally don’t know they are getting offer coupons after payments. they just close the application after use. If you are also not aware, don’t worry!! we will tell you those internal facts about Google Pay Offers.

Google Pay Offers

when you complete your transaction, google play provides you with many coupons and offers. this is based on levels. after 2 3 payments, your level gets upgraded. at every level, you get one coupon. you can scratch that and know what you have found. sometimes you get a reward in form of cashback of 20 to 100 INR. Sometimes gives a coupon that has 50% off or 20% off on some popular and emerging brands. you can redeem it before the expiry date. some people don’t know about these coupons. Google Pay Offers are worth using this app. but what we are going to tell you is very few peoples know.

We will provide some trending offers. it may not work on some products. but 90% of them will work.

  • Bewakoof Offer: get 100 Rs. off on order above 699 Rs.
    • Coupan code: BWGPAY100

  • UBER: Get 50 Rs. off on an Uber ride
    • Coupan code: UBGPAY10
  • Refer and Earn : refer your friends to use Google Pay, and get Cashback on their every transaction.
    • How to use: got to profile>click on refer and earn> tap on share link or copy link> share to your friends that link and tell them to only download the app from that link.
    • Note: This offer is only valid for, those who will refer to new users/ who have not opened an account on the google pay app.
  • Electricity Bill offer: Get up to 300 Rs off on paying electricity bill through Google pay (min amount above 199 Rs)

so these were some popular offers. if we got more we will update it here. hence stay connected with us.


  • Is Google Pay Safe?
    • yes, although it’s a google service, you can trust it.
  • What is the GPAY reward?
    • after referring you get a GPAY reward in cash or in form of a coupon.


as we discussed some exciting and rare offers, you can use them when needed. this offer is applicable to all users. Google pay is an emerging application and will provide some new offers soon. so stay connected with us. hope we have cleared your all doubts. if you have any other doubt or suggestions, make sure you drop them in the comment section.

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