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Digital Marketing, a growing field in the world of technology. probably you have heard this term. want to know about this? how you can make a career in it etc. we will cover all important aspects related to Digital Marketing. if you don’t know anything, don’t worry! just stay connected with us. we are going on an amazing ride!

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What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing that is done in digital ways like on online platforms, through websites and etc. is called Digital Marketing. devices like mobiles, laptops, and computers are used in this technology for marketing. Earlier people used to go physically to do marketing of their products. but with the increasing technology, this field also started improving. social media, e-shopping websites, apps, etc. platforms are started providing Digital Marketing. and it affected the result also. graph of customers increased with the years because the digital world has no limit as the physical way has. through your advertisement skill, you can make a good career in this field. if you know how to market a product, and how to attract people to your product, you can definitely think of this career. although it requires a smart device and a good internet connection.


If you want to get an Entry-level Digital Marketing job, you should have 15 years of education (10+2+3). You should have a bachelor’s or an associate degree. the diploma can be also considered. although, anyone can get a digital marketing job who has marketing skills. there is no specific degree for this field. all courses include this topic. hence you should have knowledge of the digital world as well as how to attract people to your product. Creativity, project planning, advertisement skills, imagination, and knowledge of marketing make you eligible for this sector.


The average salary of an Entry-Level Digital Marketing Manager in India is 20,000 Rs. per month. if you are experienced in this field for 5-10 years, your salary ranges between 5-10 Lakh Rs. per annum. in other countries like the USA, and Australia, this salary slightly goes upward. hence this field is getting more attention. your hard work, knowledge, skills, and dedication to your work will make you get paid high.


  • What are the 4 types of digital marketing?
    • Digital Marketing has 8 aspects that are Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Marketing.
  • Is digital marketing Easy?
    • If you have a good set of marketing skills, Digital Marketing skills will look easy for you.


As we discussed Digital Marketing is the new technical field where technology meets marketing skills and forms different ways of career. As we said if you have good skills, you can definitely do well in this sector. Hope we have cleared your all questions. If you have any queries or suggestions, make sure you drop them in the comment section. We will try to reply to them. have a nice day!!

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